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With over 13 years of experience as an entrepreneur and salesperson, I grew strong management and leadership skills. I have an innate entrepreneurial mindset combined with the capability of identifying with my clients, their challenges, opportunities, perspectives, and priorities. I am passionate about my work with all its ever-evolving and demanding aspects. Thereby, a sustainable and trustworthy relationship with my clients is vital. I gain confidence in my work through the formal sales training I attended as well as my own practical experience in the field. My structural approach and goal-oriented behavior are reflected in my Marathon and Ironman successes. These intense experiences taught me discipline, patience, and perseverance – skills I apply every day in my work. I am highly self-motivated with proven results. In terms of experiences, I have been interested in ReTech solutions already as of the outset. I have built and strengthened customer bases through effective networking and sales techniques in this specific field. Further, I regularly connect the emotional brick and mortar retail with the opportunity of new retail technology and help brands/retailers get more robust than ever with my in-depth understanding of retail industries. Finally, I had the chance to establish foundations and be part of successful startup projects.



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"You controlled the meeting and stayed with the prospects! You know how to establish the ground to long term relationships and get connected with such good vibes. Good job!"

Idan Arealy

"Great energy, you bring yourself to the task and manage to engage the meeting, you're a natural!"

More Gringarten

"You show empathy and the ability to make the other fellow feels like you have the right solution for his challenge"

Hana Frimerman


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